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"As my music teacher, Caitlin has been a fountain of knowledge and is a joy to learn from. I say “music teacher” because although I signed up for piano lessons, she’s been helping me through my infancy in reading music by providing a clear explanation of the concepts of music theory.  That’s important to me because I’m an older adult student with almost no playing experience and I have wanted for decades to learn to play piano and a whole lot more. With the extra education Caitlin is providing I am getting the type of knowledge and practice that I am certain will ultimately lead me to my goal.

As a person, Caitlin is intelligent, friendly and funny and I truly enjoy our lesson time together. She has an amazing and positive supporting personality, and when I have had trouble with a song or can’t find enough time to practice she is always reminding me of how much I have accomplished since my first lesson.  Caitlin is the best!"

- Hans, Adult Piano Student

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