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What ages and levels do you teach?:


I teach piano, voice and guitar to children of all ages and adult beginners/intermediates.

Where are lessons held?: 

Lessons are held at my apartment in West Seattle, near the West Seattle Alaska Junction.

What can I expect at my lesson?:

Each music lesson is unique to the individual student’s goals and skill level. I strive to meet each student where they are on their musical journey, and help set and achieve attainable goals from that place.

During a lesson we review what we worked on in previous lessons, work through any difficult passages or skills together, and then cover new musical material.  

Through lessons, students learn instrumental/vocal technique, scales and chords, music theory knowledge, improvisation skills, songwriting skills, many new songs, and more!

How can I be prepared for my lessons?

- Bring any music books that you have been assigned. (piano and guitar students especially)

​- Guitar students: tune your guitar before your lesson.

- Have a notebook for Caitlin to write any important information and practice assignments in.

- Practice, practice, practice!

   We all have good and not-so-good weeks when it comes to practicing, but it goes without saying: A good      week of practice makes for a more enjoyable lesson. Practicing is essential to becoming a better    musician. (I can’t stress this enough!)

- TIP: Start with the realistic goal of practicing 20 minutes/a day.

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